Kim Stallwood 
One of the world's leading animal rights advocates, his initial brief was to help organise and record his extensive archive and library. 
After discussing and reviewing the archive, I created a timeline and photographed the many books and artefacts, putting them together as a detailed publication that was instrumental in helping The British Library to understand, appreciate and formally acquire the collection in 2021.
Since then I have worked closely with Kim as he develops his author, curator and scholarship roles and am providing design support as he researches and writes the definitive biography of Topsy The Elephant.

I worked closely with Kim over several weeks recording and helping to archive his extensive collection and creating this comprehensive publication and timeline, which was instrumental in his engaging with The British Library, who then bought the Kim Stallwood Archive for their archives and Tier Im Recht in Zurich who acquired his Library
As part of an ongoing project supporting Kim as he writes the definitive biography of Topsy The Elephant, I created this short graphic novel using the visual language of Circus graphics, Victorian Silhouettes, contemporary newspapers and political pamphlets
Connecting with supporters and patrons is always a challenge. I have been working closely with Kim to create small 'taster' publications and marketing devices to bring the project to life, give it an identity and help build an audience.
Kim has many decades of experience and expertise to share in his roles as author, academic and curator. I work with him regularly to build his professional reach and maintain his profile as a leading authority in the world of animal rights.

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