Formerly Shiver.TV, MultiStoryMedia is a semi-independent subsidiary of ITV and one of the biggest UK providers of factual entertainment
It creates, develops and produces original programming including new drama to be distributed globally and across all platforms.  
Working directly with teams in London and Salford Media City, developing and testing a new name, identity and brand story. 
The entire project took approximately 6 months. Then working closely with ITV Brand to generate content, guidelines and assets across all internal, external and social media applications.

One of the leading UK production houses for light entertainment, focussing on globally licensed game show formats. I created a new brand identity for both the main office in London and their division in Salford Media City, creating all supporting collateral, guides and assets, dealing directly with both the client and ITV Brand.

Unseen Histories
I created the brand and complete visual language for Unseen Histories, an independent digital platform, publishing incredible stories from the past by historians, writers and other storytellers, all beautifully illustrated with high-resolution remastered visual content. 
Unseen Histories was founded and is curated by author and visual historian Jordan J Lloyd, bringing the past to life. 
Clients include UnSplash, The Times, the BBC and TIME LIFE
Dynamichrome specialises in high-fidelity colour reconstruction services in culture, history and entertainment, undertaking a great deal of historical research to uncover an authentic representation of history, making the past come alive in a way that it couldn’t before. 
The logotype was designed to suggest the emotional process of moving forward and looking back simultaneously.
Main Images colourised by Jordan J. Lloyd are; 
‘Steve Jobs, 1984, Apple HQ, Cupertino, USA' by Norman Self and ‘June 6th 1944, Into the Jaws of Death’ by Robert F. Sargent, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Marina Amaral
Brand identity for Marina Amaral, one of the world's leading digital colourists with a mission to “breathe life into the past”. She has a high international profile and needed a concise brand identity that also worked as a digital watermark across all platforms. Despite the word mark being only a small complimentary detail it had to work incredibly hard but not compete with the main image. 
Part of the project was to deliver rigid application guidelines.
Main Image: Lee Harvey Oswald, Dallas Police Department hallway, November 24, 1963. Colourised by Marina Amaral.

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