French Connection
I began working at French Connection in 1995, initially as a freelancer - crafting packaging and sub-labels for swimwear, and then in-house for 3 years, building a Graphic Design department from scratch at their old design offices in Bow, and later Fulham Road.
During that time I redrew the classic French Connection logo to work better with the new digital processes and then implemented a full rebrand across all divisions, as strong today as it was then.  I also enhanced the bathroom range, created new packaging for make-up and underwear and managed all advertising and retail graphics needs myself. 
Working in-house day-to-day with designers, merchandisers and production teams taught me that design is collaborative and that fully understanding the brand, the customer and the entire 'sketch to store' process was an integral part of my practice. 
Nicole Farhi
As a division of the Stephen Marks Group (French Connection), I spent 3 years managing all graphic design needs for Nicole Farhi. Re-working their classic logotype, developing all marketing and promotional needs and creating new brands for Home, Swim and Jeans.
Balancing the needs of both French Connection and Nicole Farhi brands simultaneously was both challenging but exciting and rewarding.
Great Plains
Originally a simple sub-brand of French Connection, Great Plains has grown into an important bridge-brand in its own right. I rebranded and repositioned the label alongside French Connection and Nicole Farhi to establish it's own discrete place within the range.
The Windsmoor Group
I spent 6 months in-house with The Windsmoor Group re-branding and repositioning Windsmoor, Planet, Precis Petite and Dannimac. 
The work included all branding, design, marketing, promotional material and retail space needs for their 100+ concessions. 
Previously spread across multiple agencies and departments, this task was complex and challenging but ultimately rewarding. There were huge strategic and financial benefits in aligning the marketing and presentation of the brands whilst retaining their own individual identities
Natural Blue
I spent 3 years working with Natural Blue helping to turn a wholesale casual menswear brand into a successful independent retailer.
This included all garment branding, T-Shirt graphics, trimmings, accessories, and design for retail space with particular attention to window graphics as they built an estate of 6 central London stores.
Greenpark Capital
I spent 10 years working closely with this important private equity fund. Crafting and maintaining their brand and image within the global financial community, working with the directors to maintain their authority and visual integrity across all media. 

Developing detailed typographic guidelines and retail space graphics for this successful high-end pre-prepared and frozen meal retailer. 
Special consideration was given to brand building and emphasising seasonal themes, and engineering a bespoke typographic profile.

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